Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuum Reddit

Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Reddit – Which one is right for you?

Vacuum cleaners look like simple electrical appliances from a distance. However, with the various designs, technologies, and brands available in the market. One starts to feel overwhelmed. Vacuums come in all shapes and forms. Whereas, some of the standard vacuum types include canister, upright, bagless, and bagged. In this post, we will be setting the debate of Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Reddit.
Reddit is a platform where many consumers share their thoughts and feelings. It can be helpful to do a little research before buying something.
At The Vacuum Hub, to write this article. We used the subreddit r/VacuumCleaners to gather people’s reviews and opinions. So Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Reddit – Which one is right for you? Follow us through this article to know.

Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Reddit – A Little Context

In the past decade, we have seen a lot of hype about bagless vacuums. Bagged vacuums dominated much of the considerable past. People relied on bagged designs and found them convenient.
Only until now. When bagless vacuums entered the conversation. We see more people preferring bagless vacuums over bagged ones. Bagless vacuums represent modernity and convenience.
Even if this statement ends up being false, the popular perception won’t change easily.
Bagless vacuums are compact. And mostly feature a flashy design.
The main reason for the bagless vacuums that attracts more consumers. 
Bagless vacuums brought a psychological impact on consumers. Earlier bagged vacuums were only cleaning appliances.
No one seemed to question.
And brands didn’t care about the more minor details and features.
As long as a vacuum was good at getting the dirt off the floor, no one bothered.
But with the bagless vacuums. We see a greater emphasis on design features and the overall appearance of the product.
Now vacuums represent much more than being just a cleaning appliance.

Bagged Vacuums – The Good 

Bagged vacuums had a long successful run and are still very much in use. All because of the excellent value they provide.
Here is our pick for the most affordable bagged upright vacuum cleaner!
  • Works great on hard floor, carpet

  • Excellent for homes with pets

  • Lightweight and Maneuverable

Below we give you some of the pros of a bagged vacuum.

Satisfactory Hygiene

Choosing a Bagged vacuum is a more hygienic approach. Bagged vacuums contain sealed bags.
These bags ensure that the dust, allergens, pollen, and other pollutants do not get out.
With bagged vacuums, your interaction with the stored dirt is minimal. This may and may not be accurate for bagless vacuums.
Nobody would want their vacuum to leak or release back the dirt you cleaned.
Bagged vacuums ensure that the germs and dirt collected doesn’t get released back into your home.  

Great for Allergic People

Bagged vacuums offer more value to allergy sufferers. Cleaning the house can be a tricky challenge for allergic people.
Allergens like dirt, pollen and pet dander can trigger massive allergic reactions in these people.
Minimal interaction with such allergens is the only remedy to avoid a response.
Bagged vacuums by sealing all the collected dust in a designated bag to use for people with allergies.

Easy to Dispose 

Either you prefer a bagged or a bagless vacuum, it all boils down to disposing of the collected dirt.
Bagged vacuums offer a relatively more manageable and convenient way to get rid of the accumulated dirt.

The Bad 

Bagged vacuums are not glorious at all in the market. And are being superseded by bagless vacuums. It would be only fair to this bagged vs bagless vacuums Reddit post that we discuss each’s downsides.

Costs more 

Bagged vacuums cost way more in the long run compared to bagless vacuums.
With bagged vacuums, you have to change the dirtbags periodically.
As soon as a dirtbag fills with dirt, you cannot reuse it, and you have to install a new bag.
Buying these dirtbags can put some stress on your pockets.
As long as you keep using a bagged vacuum, you will have to purchase dirtbags separately.

Varying performance 

Another downside to bagged vacuums is something entirely unheard of. But all bagged vacuum consumers have gone through this.
Many users on Reddit expressed their frustration. As they noticed a decreased vacuum performance with the dirtbag filled.
Apparently, the performance of most bagged vacuums starts to falter as the dirtbag gets filled.

Bagless Vacuums – The Good 

Here is our pick for the Bagless Upright Vacuum

  • Radial Root Cyclone Technology

  • Traps Allergens Efficiently

  • Includes Extra Tools

Now, let’s see what are some of the pros and cons of the Bagless Vacuum Cleaners.



Unlike bagged vacuums, bagless vacuums are a one-time investment.
A bagless vacuum doesn’t require any replacement bags etc.
There is a dedicated dirt tank where it stores the debris.
And you can empty it easily to get back to work.
Bagless vacuums Relieve you from spending your money on additional accessories. Bagless vacuums might be a little expensive, but in the long term, they offer good utility.

Environment-Friendly Option

Bagless vacuums offer a more eco-friendly alternative to bagged vacuums.
The use of bagged vacuums comes at a massive cost to the earth.
The dirtbags are of non-degradable polymer material that harms the environment.
Bagless vacuums do not use any material for storing the dirt, which is harmful to the ground.

A Simple Indication of When to Empty

It is easy to know when the dirt tank reaches its limit in bagless vacuums.
As the dirt tank is transparent primarily and you can see through the material.
The tank contents are visible to you, and you can easily decide when to empty the vacuum.
Unlike bagged vacuums, there is no guesswork with bagless vacuums.
In bagged vacuums, there is no indication as to when the bag will reach its limit.
Hence people usually guess when the bag gets filled. A bagless vacuum provides a much better approach in this regard.

The Bad 

Not Great for Allergies 
One major downside of bagless vacuums is that the disposal of the dirt is quite risky.
Once opened, the dirt tank can release the allergens and dust particles back into your environment.
If you do not dispose of them correctly.
While emptying the bin, you likely breathe some dirt particles. This can trigger a dangerous allergic reaction in people with allergies.
Bagged vacuums minimize your contact with dirt and allergens using sealed bags.
Whereas there are chances that the dirt gets exposed to the environment. When you remove the lid to empty the tank.

Costs More Time

The process of emptying a bagless vacuum is a lot more complex and time requiring.
To empty the dirt tank, you have to carry the vacuum to the bin or garbage can.
This might seem like an inconvenience. When compared to the simple method of removing dirtbags once filled.
According to Redditors emptying a bagless vacuum was a mess as the dirt got stuck with the walls.

Verdict: Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Reddit – Which one is right for you?

So here we are once again thinking about bagged vs Bagless vacuum on Reddit. 
Well, after reading this article, one thing must be evident to you. Either bagged or a bagless vacuum, both have pluses and minuses to them.
If you have allergies. You should go for a bagged vacuum as it provides the most protection against allergies.
In the same manner. If you prefer modern designs and don’t want to replace vacuum bags for the rest of your life, go for a bagless vacuum.
Bagged or bagless design, check out our guide for the 7 best upright vacuum cleaners. 

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