bissell 9595A review

Bissell 9595A Review. Is this the Best Affordable Upright Vacuum to Buy?

The BISSELL 9595A CleanView stands out as an all-round performing budget-friendly upright vacuum cleaner. With the OnePass technology at its disposal, it is undoubtedly a superb cleaner for all your household. A lightweight design with a powerful suction capacity, the BISSELL 9595A packs excellent value for everyone. The most noticeable detail about this vacuum is its cost-effectiveness in ratio to its overall performance. In this post, we ought to present you with a detailed BISSELL 9595A review. So follow along as we review potentially the best affordable upright vacuum.


Cleaning System: MultiCyclonic

Cleaning Path Width: 13.5″

Power Cord: 25′

Power Rating: 12 amps

Bag or bagless: bagless

tank capacity: 2.2L


Bissell 9595A Review

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The BISSELL features an impressive design compared to other vacuums in its domain. The vacuum weighs around 18.1 pounds, not the lightest you can get from an upright vacuum cleaner. Even though the 9595A CleanView might be a little heavier, it provides decent handling. The overall manoeuvrability of this vacuum is relatively smooth. The dynamic handle and wheeled body of this vacuum contribute to its ease of use.

The weight and size of this vacuum are not ideal for an upright vacuum. But the low price and superb performance will cover that. Measuring at a total of 12.5×13.5×44 inches so understand that this vacuum will need considerable storage space. But the upright design ensures that you can store the 9595A in a corner standing on its own. The BISSELL 9595A weighs 15.5lbs, which is quite reasonable for an upright vacuum but not good enough. Compared to other upright vacuums, it might be a little tiresome for you to use the 9595A for prolonged periods.

With an innovative brush design, this vacuum cleans a lot more on the initial pass, making the process easier for you. The brush’s down rotation is efficient and makes sure to pick up every single speck of dirt.

The BISSELL 9595A CleanView has a bagless design, and we consider that a plus. Bagged designs require installing new bags periodically. Thus not just a bagged design takes a toll on your finances it also becomes an inconvenient routine. But thanks to the BISSELL 9595A, you need not stress over all this. The dust cup of the 9595A Cleanview has a sufficient capacity of 2.2 litres. This means you can smoothly go on multiple cleaning runs without having to empty the dust cup.

The overall build quality of the BISSELL 9595A is fair to its price point. Still, like all other electronic products, the 9595A won’t be able to hold together if used with little care. The BISSELL 9595A CleanView doesn’t feature a retractable cord, and that’s understandable considering its cost. All the Bissell 9595a parts and its body are made of a hard plastic material. A robust plastic body makes the model non-bulky and also provides durability.

All these design features make the BISSELL 9595A CleanView a strong candidate for the best affordable upright vacuum.

Accessory tools

You might not be expecting accessory tools in a budget vacuum cleaner. But the BISSELL 9595A makes sure to deliver the best cleaning experience irrespective of the price you pay for it. The accessory tools are essential for a versatile and complete cleaning experience.

The BISSELL 9595A upright vacuum comes with three attachments to provide you with efficient cleaning. The accessory tools include; a crevice tool, an adjusting brush, and a turbo brush.

The turbo brush provides powerful cleaning off challenging to reach surfaces. Moreover, the turbo brush makes it easier to clean pet hair off stairs and upholsteries.

With the dusting brush and the crevice tool, you get increased functionality for different cleaning scenarios.


When it comes to the best affordable upright vacuum, a strong performance is uncompromisable. You might even give up some premium design features for a better performing vacuum. The BISSELL CleanView has an impressive cleaning performance and provides the most value in this regard.

The BISSELL 9595A CleanView offers a limited warranty of 2 years. Although you can easily find brands that offer much more extended warranty periods, a 24-month is still a fair deal. The warranty provided for 9595A CleanView by BISSELL covers for broken, faulty BISSELL 9595A parts. But note that the warranty doesn’t cover damage due to rough and irregular use. To further understand the specifics of the warranty policy, you should contact the BISSELL service providers.


With a powerful motor of 12amps, the BISSELL 9595A provides strong suction capacity. Using the cyclonic system keeps the cleaning smooth and consistent. The cyclonic system works well to filter out dust from the debris. This prevents the BISSELL 9595A filter from getting clogged. The consistency of the suction power was the most noticeable. Unlike many other budget vacuums, the BISSELL Cleanview maintains a stable unfaltering suction power throughout the cleaning.

The strong suction power provided by the 9595A CleanView is also beneficial for cleaning pet hair. Cleaning stubborn pet hair stuck on carpets and upholsteries is not a problem for this vacuum.

OnePass technology

The OnePass technology used by the 9595A claims to clean a given area off the dirt in just one stroke. You might find that claim a little exaggerated for a budget vacuum. But the CleanView manages to deliver more or less to its word. The OnePass technology’s lethal combo with the innovative roll-down brush design makes this vacuum an all-around superb performer. With the rotating floor nozzle taking full advantage of the 12amp motor, this vacuum delivers more than you’d expect.


Although the BISSELL 9595A is compact and lightweight, it is still relatively not up to the mark to provide smooth handling. With no swivel at all manoeuvrability offered by this vacuum is just mediocre. Prolonged use of this vacuum can result in back pain for you, especially if you have stairs or other kinds of elevations in your house. Carrying around a 15-pound vacuum without a swivel won’t be ideal.


Furthermore, the wired cord is also a hindrance to the overall manoeuvrability of this upright vacuum. The cord has a length of 25 feet long enough for most houses but can be insufficient for much larger real-estate.



It is hard to make a single statement about this vacuum’s ability to clean pet hair and litter. As the vacuums’ performance will vary when cleaning pet hair from different surfaces. But it would be best if you didn’t worry either you have a dog, a cat or a rabbit. The immense suction power of this vacuum can clean pet hair very effectively from most surfaces.

The turbo brush and the OnePass technology allow this vacuum to clean carpets and rugs off pet hair. Pet hair is of the most concern on some fabric like upholsteries and rugs as they tend to stick to them. But as we mentioned, the BISSELL 9595A has a powerful performance and can deal with pet hair efficiently.

Suppose you happen to have a dog breed that shed long hair. With the BISSELL 9595A, it won’t be a problem cleaning longer pet fur. Most other vacuum cleaners don’t go too well for cleaning longer pet fur. As longer hair gets tangled in the brush, and also sometimes clog the vacuum filters. This problem doesn’t occur with the BISSELL 9595A, and in fact, it does quite well with long pet hair.

Performance on Different Flooring Types

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As stated above, the BISSELL 9595A is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. Well equipped to handle dirt and dust on any surface. Either you have bare flooring or carpeted flooring at home, you won’t see a difference in this vacuum’s performance.

The BISSELL CleanView bagless is great on carpets. Unlike other budget range upright vacuum, it can pull out all the dirt from carpets. Using its unique rotating brush technology, this vacuum can suck dirt from more depth.

The height of the brush bristles can be adjusted within the 5 given levels. Most thicker carpets are not properly cleaned as most vacuums cannot reach the fabric until the deep end. But the BISSELL 9595A nails its competitors in this regard. The downward-rotating brush of this vacuum can penetrate the fabric in-depth, thus cleaning all the debris thoroughly. In a word, this vacuum is just terrific for thicker and shag carpets. To our surprise, the suction power of the CleanView bagless was overwhelming for some of the thinner rugs. The vacuuming power was so much that the rug itself was being sucked in. This becomes an inconvenience while cleaning as the rug continually gets sucked by the vacuum and is challenging to manoeuvre on.

Given hardwood floors, the BISSELL CleanView upright vacuum does pretty well. It might not be as ideal for hardwood floors as it is for carpeted floors. The vacuum features five different height levels for the brush, which helps you set it for other surfaces accordingly. For use on bare floors and tiled surfaces, you can also lay the brush flat.

Still, this vacuum can be a problem if you have gentle hardwood floors at your place. There is no option to turn off the rotating brush, and it won’t differ between the surface it is used for. In some cases, the rotating brush can damage the hardwood floors. There’s a risk that the surface polish wears out due to continuous friction caused by the brush on extended use. This is a common concern for most vacuums employing mechanisms such as the OnePass technology used by BISSELL. Moreover, the rotating bristles have another considerable downside for consumers. When working with larger debris, some consumers reported the rotating brush to scatter dirt all over the place.



The BISSELL 9595A filter setup is easy and user friendly. The BISSELL CleanView includes two filters, including; a foam filter and a HEPA filter. The multi-filtration technology used by this upright vacuum traps all allergens and dust particles. For all the pet owners here, you don’t have to fret over allergens from pets. This vacuum is well-capable to clean and get rid of the allergen in your environment.


The foam filter is washable and can be removed easily whenever needed. The filter requires cleaning every few months, depending on your use. To wash the foam filter, just remove it from the tank and rinse it with cold water. But beware does not clean the foam filter with warm water, which can damage the foam material over time. Before reinstalling the filter, make sure it is completely dried out to avoid any malfunction.


The HEPA filter is the standard filter for upright vacuums that trap minute dust and allergen particles. This filter is not washable like the foam filter discussed above. It is advised to change this filter in 6 months with respect to your frequency of use. Note that the HEPA filter in the budget-friendly BISSELL 9595A CleanView is much like the ones in flagship models. For emptying the dirt tank, you just need to remove the lid and dump all the dirt at once.


  • Lightweight design: weighing under 16lbs, the 9595A vacuum is light and easy to handle.
  • Simple maintenance: with a washable filter and a bagless dirtbag, maintaining the BISSELL 9595A is a piece of cake.
  • Warranty: the BISSELL 9595A has a 2-year warranty covering all technical faults.
  •  OnePass technology: OnePass technology saves a lot of your time enabling faster cleaning.
  • Affordable price: highly cost-effective compared to the features it manages to provide.
  • Makes noise: gets noisier when used for extended periods.
  • Not great on hardwood floors.
  • The BISSELL 9595A belt often slips off its position.
  • No swivel for handling.

What do the Consumers Say? Bissell 9595A Review

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With over 16,000 ratings on Amazon, the BISSELL 9595A is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars. A product rated above 4 is considered excellent and reputable. About 65% of the total customer have given the upright vacuum 5 stars. Although most customer reviews contain a mixed point of view, there seemed a consensus over some specific features.


The suction power of this vacuum received the most accolade from the customer reviews. A customer named Kristie celebrated her success in making a profitable deal by buying the 9595A vacuum in a top-rated review. Kristie also regarded it as ‘Holy mother of suction’ reflecting on the vacuum’s incredible suction power.


Many consumer reviews consisted of good remarks on the vacuum’s ability to clean pet hair. Mostly we observed a majority of happy cat owners who seemed quite satisfied with the BISSELL 9595A. The bulk of the consumers highlighted the obvious let-downs of this vacuum but still rated it relatively high. This was due to the affordability of this vacuum. People were wise enough to not expect flagship features in a budget-friendly product falling under the $100 price range.


Apart from that, we did notice a few frustrated consumers who seemed to have faced some serious problems with the product. Like there was this one guy who just seemed to hate the product for all sort of reasons. Many people complained concerning the vacuum’s build quality and how unreliable it was for them.

Another consumer pointed out that his vacuum made a lot of noise, and this increased over time. Yes, such negative reviews did exist, but you shouldn’t change your mind based on them. As we stated, all the negative reviews were a tiny fraction of the total reviews. This says a lot about the credibility of the BISSELL 9595A CleanView upright vacuum.


Verdict; Is This the Best Affordable Upright Vacuum to Buy?

The BISSELL 9595A is an all-round budget performer with decent performance and easy maintenance. It is rare to get an upright vacuum with a bagless design, OnePass technology, and turbo brush altogether. T

he BISSELL 9595A is definitely a precious gem you must consider to buy. If you want a general-purpose vacuum without sabotaging your budget, then this is the best you can get. Although it depends upon your preferences, we conclude this article naming BISSELL 9595A the best affordable upright vacuum to buy.

For all of you wanting an affordable upright vacuum not willing to compromise on quality. We hope through this article we helped you in making a more informed decision.

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