does miele make an upright vacuum cleaner?

Does Miele Make an Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Heard of Miele canister vacuums? Well hasn’t everyone? Miele is one of the market-leading brands making high-quality vacuum cleaners. Miele is a German company founded back in 1899, true to its values to this day. Besides, it is the most successful household appliance brand with demand on all continents. Miele canister vacuums got very popular back in the day.
Are Miele Vacuums Any Good?
The high performance and solid build made the people love them. But canister vacuums are not relevant in these times. Although some people still prefer canister vacuums over other modern options. They are not the best suited for modern needs. 
In the past decade, we have made a major upgrade from canister vacuums to upright vacuums. Many vacuum brands got along with the change and kept their business running. But some failed to make the transition. At this point, one would ask does Miele make an upright vacuum cleaner? And if they do how good are these upright vacuum cleaners? 

Does Miele Make an Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

It is not a surprise at all that Miele does make upright vacuum cleaners. Miele does not just make upright vacuum cleaners, it has one of the best upright vacuums to offer. The upright vacuum carries style along with top-quality features.
The German design Miele upright vacuums offer strong cleaning for your house. With Miele upright vacuum cleaners you don’t have to worry about vacuum filtration. As with all Miele upright vacuums make sure of premium filtration. The use of HEPA filters by Miele is just another reason why your house will remain untouched by allergens
Moreover, Miele upright vacuums are great on all surfaces when cleaning. If you buy a Miele upright vacuum, you won’t buy a vacuum that is good only on one surface. From hardwood floors to low-pile and high-pile rugs. Miele upright vacuum cleaners are just great for them all. 
So Miele does make upright vacuum cleaners. Staying true to their promise of innovating. Also, making possible premium quality household appliances. But it’s time we mention some of the best Miele upright vacuum cleaners. If you wish to buy an upright vacuum cleaner any time soon, you can’t ignore these from Miele.
Top 2 Miele upright vacuum

Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog PowerLine – SHBE0

The dynamic U1 by Miele is indeed the best in this category by the company. As the name says, the U1 powerline is ideal for animal owners. The vacuum has a unique charcoal filter. It takes care of all the pet odour and makes sure your house smells fresh.
With an aggressive brush roll, the Miele U1 SHBE0 is great for low and medium pile rugs. Where most upright vacuums provide a small capacity for dirt storage. The dynamic U1 stands apart. With a filter bag storage of 6 litres, Miele U1 leaves all competition behind in this regard. 

Miele Swing H1 Tactical PowerLine


The swing H1 tactical is not like other Miele vacuum cleaners. It features a very sleek and light design. The upright vacuum has a unique look to it. One that gives it the style and stunning appearance it deserves.
The Miele H1 has a filter bag volume of 2.5 litres. Which is much less compared to Miele the dynamic U1. However, it is justified by the surprising lightweight body. You shouldn’t have a problem with the low filter bag capacity. 
If you are thinking to buy an upright and still unsure, check out our post and get to know if you are making the right choice or not? Also our list of  7 best upright vacuum cleaners in 2021!
Hopefully, the question does Miele make an upright vacuum cleaner? Was answered in this article. Miele is one of the tested and trusted brands in the domain of upright vacuums. Making some of the best performing and impressive design upright vacuums. 

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