how to unblock a dyson upright vacuum cleaner

How to Unblock a Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners do look strong and rough electronic appliances. But are they like that? From the outside probably, but not really from the inside. Vacuum cleaners perform very heavy-duty tasks. Their internal structure is quite complicated. Over time we have seen vacuum cleaners get smaller and smaller in size. Yet their power and features keep on increasing. In this post, we will learn how to unblock a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner.

In the case of upright vacuum cleaners, this is very true.

These vacuums are very easily damaged by rough use. The upright vacuums of today are not as tough as the canister vacuums of the ’80s.

The health of filters to suction power all depend on how you handle your vacuum. 

Dyson is probably the most well-known vacuum brand. But still, Dyson’s are prone to clogging.

Dyson upright vacuum cleaners are of the best.

With strong suction and modern designs, they are the most popular.

But if not handled with care, they also get clogged. A blocked vacuum cleaner is no good. As if your vacuum is blocked, it won’t perform its best.

The suction power will drop, and you won’t get the same performance.

Moreover, it is pretty dangerous to overuse a vacuum or uses a clogged vacuum as it can get overheated, leading to short circuit or motor failure. So it is evident you need to take care of your upright vacuum cleaner. In particular, you are avoiding blockage or clogging. Since Dyson upright vacuum cleaners are the most popular, today, we will talk about how to unblock a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner.

Why Do Vacuums Get Clogged? 

Before we proceed to answer how to unblock a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner, this question should be answered.

Vacuum cleaners are quite delicate internally.

Although the mechanism is the same for cleaning, the internal parts of a vacuum make a lot of difference.

It is vital to learn how a vacuum cleaner works when you turn it on. Once you get an idea of that, then it is easier to avoid vacuum blockage. 

When it comes to upright vacuum cleaners, they require even more care.

Even though upright vacuums provide countless benefits, they are very delicate when compared to older vacuum cleaners.

Upright vacuums have a strong motor at the center.

The motor produces the suction power to collect the dirt and dust. The sucked dirt air goes through multiple filters where it is stored.

The air then leaves through the exit at the end. But how do vacuums get clogged in this process?

But fortunately, if you use your vacuum with a bit of care. And don’t overuse it, there’s a slight chance that your vacuum gets blocked.

Mainly two reasons are causing clogged vacuum cleaners. 

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Full Dust Bag

This one’s quite obvious. Every vacuum has a specific limit of dirt it can collect at a time. This depends on the capacity of the dust bag or cup. Back in the day, vacuum cleaners had a large storage capacity for dust and dirt.

People could clean for weeks without worrying about emptying the dust bag. But for modern upright vacuums, the opposite is true, including Dyson upright vacuum cleaner. 

A filled dust bug means that there is no more space for the upcoming dirt. If you continue to vacuum with a filled dust bag, your vacuum can get clogged. It is overwhelming for the filters and the exhaust to work under this condition.

Other than that, it is also possible that the vacuum starts to throw out the air containing dirt, making it even bigger of a mess.

Vacuuming Large Debris 

Not all vacuums can deal with larger debris.

However, some do have the feature of sucking large debris too but very few.

The Dyson upright vacuum cleaners are also not the best with larger debris. Usually, larger debris and upright vacuum cleaners do not go well with each other.

Upright vacuums are all about compact sizes and ease of use. This makes the filter path small and narrow. 

Thus it is much harder for larger debris to go through the Pipes and filters. Stuff like coins, toys, or nut bolts in the carpet blocks the vacuum filters.

When vacuumed, these things jam the filters over time. You need to give your floor a check first and remove any larger debris before cleaning.

Signs of a Clogged Vacuum

  • Burning Smell: A clogged vacuum tends to get heated on use. The motor gets very hot and, in some cases, releases a pungent smell. If you smell something burning when you vacuum, stop at the moment. 
  • Weak Suction: When the filters or the hose gets clogged, the motor comes under great stress. As the motor is now under much more load than it was before. In this case, the motor won’t perform with the same intensity. If you notice a lower suction power than usual, it is a sign of a clogged vacuum.
  • Strange Noises While Vacuuming: If there is a large piece of debris stuck, your vacuum will make abnormal sounds when in use. The stuck objects block the path of the air, which produces weird sounds. If your vacuum is making any bizarre noise, it is a sign that it is clogged.

How to Unblock a Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

We are now in the state to answer the main question. How to unblock a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner?

There are a couple of parts that are usually responsible for clogging in Dyson upright vacuum cleaners.

The filters, brush bar, wand, airways, and cleaner head all can get blocked. Let us see how to unblock a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner.

Filter Blockage

Most Dyson upright vacuum cleaners require filter cleaning every three months.

But clogging can occur in filters much before 3-months. From fine dirt particles to larger debris, both can easily jam the filters. 

To clean the filters:

  1. Follow the procedure in the manual to remove the filters.
  2. Although Dyson usually uses washable filters, do check if the filters are washable first.
  3. If yes, Give the filters a good wash and then leave them for drying in the case of non-washable filters.
  4. Clean them with a dry brush and give the filters a solid shake to eliminate any debris. This should bring your Dyson upright vacuum cleaner back to life. 

Brush Bar Blocked 


It is pretty common for the brush bar to get blocked. The brush bar is at the very end of the vacuum.

The brush bar is the part making contact with the floor. Never underestimate a blocked brush bar.

As it is the opening path for the air to move inside.

A blockage in the brush bar will disturb the vacuum completely.

Although Dyson upright vacuums have a wide cleaning path still the brush bar can get blocked.

Detecting a blocked brush is not a challenge at all. If your vacuum is not performing well and you should suspect the brush bar. Turn off the vacuum as soon as you feel something is not correct.

To check the brush bar, turn the vacuum upside down. Once the vacuum is upside down, you can now see the brush bar.

Check for any blockage.

You can use a torch to get a good view inside the brush bar. If there is some debris blocking the path, you can remove it with your hand. 

Check the Blockages in the Rod and Airways


Upright vacuums have a much smaller wand and airways in front of the more giant vacuums.

Your Dyson upright vacuum cleaner can have blocked wands and airways. A blockage in the rod or airways can result in loss of power and the vacuum making too much noise. 

Airways lead to filter heads. To check for a blocked airway, you need to turn off the vacuum if it is running. You can look for any blockage in the airway by removing the filter cover. Use a light to see if the airways are clear. 

Wands are removable and are easy to look for a blockage. Simply detach the rod from the other parts. Then look if there is some kind of a blockage. 

Blocked Cleaner Head 

This one is the most tricky to clear. Although it is not very common, a blocked cleaner head is often the reason behind low suction.

First, check the cleaner head for any blockage by removing the cleaner head from the vacuum body.

For this, there is a ‘C’ clip in place on the vacuum, which has to be taken off. The clip holds the cleaner head in place.

Once you remove the clip, rotate the cleaner head slowly. Lay down the cleaner head upside on the floor and take out the base plate. Now look for anything stuck in this part.

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How to Avoid Vacuum Clogging

Let’s conclude all the points discussed in this post. Follow these points to prevent vacuum clogging in the first place.

  • Keep the dust cup half empty at all times. Never vacuum with a filled dust cup.
  • Keep on cleaning the filters regularly without fail. 
  • Make sure there is no more significant debris present on the surface you will vacuum. 

If you want to know from where you can buy a Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Check out our post.

Bottom line 

Dyson has some of the best upright vacuum cleaners. However, it is providing the best performance and cleaning experience. But even Dyson upright vacuums face clogging for many reasons. In all cases, it is crucial to make sure that the vacuum does not get clogged. But even if your vacuum has some blockage, that is not the end. Clogging will happen to your vacuum at least once. So better to stay prepared.

Hopefully, this post responds well to how to unblock a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner.


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