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Toy Vacuum That Actually Cleans: Thank You, Casdon!

You know when you’re trying to get your house in order. But then your mini-me pops up and pretends they are doing the cleaning? Yeah, well, it turns out that’s not as cute or fun for them because all their toys need a good vacuum. So next time, make sure you have to stock this state of the art toy so we can have some clean playtime! After hours of research, we found out toy vacuums that actually cleans by Casdon. They are the best. The toy vacuum features a powerful motor. The company has used durable materials in its making. We also love how lightweight this toy vacuum is! You will want to read our full review for more details about this toy vacuum that actually cleans.

The Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy

The Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum toy is a real-life replica of the famous vacuum. As kids push it around, colourful balls spin and swirl in the clear cylinder. Just like dust would swish around a cyclone inside an actual vacuum cleaner. The beautiful design makes realistic sounds that really make this fun to play with! The power of the toy vacuum is so strong that it can pick up small pieces from a dustbin – just like you do with all their lego!
This toy vacuum cleaner is perfect for 3-year olds to 9- year olds and parents love it too.
It’s about time that children can enjoy playing with toys without the hassle of all their chores! With 4 C batteries, you won’t need to worry about having a dead battery when your kid is ready for playtime. But once you pop in those batteries. Let them have fun while they clean up after themselves – at least until mom or dad gets back from work! As one parent said, “It takes less than an hour before it died.”
Available Colours: grey/yellow, grey/pink, grey/purple, and grey/red.


  • Working suction
  • Good for developing motor skills and role play
  • Imaginative play


  • Eats a lot of batteries
Casdon Cordless Stick Vacuum

Want to get your kids excited about cleaning? Have them pretend play with a toy vacuum! And keep them engaged. Then their room will spotless in no time. And the added benefit is that these toys actually work. They can clean up after themselves too since they’re so cute and easy to handle! Now, let us see another cordless toy vacuum that actually works.
Children can now enjoy a toy vacuum. Because that looks just like their parents’ high-performance vacuums. The Cadson brand has made an affordable replica of the cordless Dyson model. Plus these toys are so realistic your kids will love playing with them while you clean up after dinner! Now they won’t have to wait for mommy or daddy to finish up in order to start cleaning. It’s as simple as putting on those little rubber gloves. And getting started using this lightweight yet powerful machine.
As a kid, you might have wanted to understand what it felt like when your mom vacuumed up the living room. Well, now, with child-sized vacuums from Casdon. Kids can see how their favourite appliance works! These small vacs are designed for little hands, so they’re easy enough to handle even after playing all day long. Kids will love using these toys that make them feel grown-up while cleaning at the same time.
Available Colors: Purple and yellow.

Casdon Little Henry Toy Vacuum

The Little Henry Vacuum is a great way to teach your kids how to vacuum. If they’re trailing around after you. Wondering what it’s like and if that really works-this toy can be the answer! This working model of an upright vacuum will pick up small bits of paper waste. Or Poly Beads right off the floor – and you can easily empty it too.
If you have a little one who loves to help out around the house, now they can do that and be matching with mom or dad!

Things to Consider While Buying Toy Vacuum That Actually Cleans

Are you looking for a toy vacuum with a cord? Or your child will prefer the one without a cord? Which one do you own at home? Because mostly, children like to imitate their parents. And how many children do you have in the house to use it? Or if you are looking for one for yourself with a retractable cord, see our post here. 

Age of Your Child?

What would a toddler want? Cute colours with so many buttons. A vacuum should be something they can easily play with and carry around by themselves. It is more like the toy car or truck in their dollhouse. Then one of those heavy-duty ones that dad uses to clean up spills on the kitchen floor after dinner! However, if you have a preschooler, you will want the ones with a bit of suction so the toy can please the kids.

Corded or Battery Operated?

Some toy vacuums make noise, and some don’t! Toy cordless vacs run on batteries for sound effects. However, there are different types of toys that vacuum. Keeping them safe from little ones who are still learning not to touch things they shouldn’t be playing with. And what makes a good toy vacuum in general.


Your Budget?

The best toy vacuum cleaner for the kids is out there by Casdon. They have a wide range of quality products that are sure to please your child’s imagination! And you will find them quickly on amazon.
In the end, it’s not just about you. It’s also about your mini-me and how they enjoy their toys too! So next time you’re getting ready to clean up for yourself. Don’t forget that there are all sorts of things in every room, from a toy vacuum to an easy chair that needs vacuuming. What do these items have in common? They can take hours off your cleaning schedule if you use them right. We’ve done some research on finding the best toy vacuums. So let us know what else we should be looking at with our expert team of writers who will help bring this blog post conclusion alive. While still keeping the tone engaging and fun! If you have any questions after reading this blog, please reach out. We at the Vacuum Hub will happy to hear back!

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