which is the best shark upright vacuum cleaner

Which is the Best Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner For Cleaning Your Home?

Shark vacuums have a great impression. If you are a shark lover, you know the value a shark provides. Shark has some of the best upright vacuum cleaners in the market. Namely, NV352AZ1022 and NV360 being some of the most popular in the lineup. Shark products are great, and there’s no doubt about that. But even all shark vacuums are not the same. If truth be told, it is pretty standard for two products of the same brand to provide varied value. So at this point, one would ask, which is the best shark upright vacuum cleaner?

Read a detailed review of the Shark NV352 by The Vacuum Hub.


Considering that, today, The Vacuum Hub will name the best shark upright vacuum cleaner weighing design, performance and price – the most important aspects while choosing the right upright vacuum cleaner. The best choice is the one which provides an all-around performance in all ways. 


Shark NV356E S2 Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

We choose the shark NV356E S2 as the best shark upright vacuum cleaner. It will become apparent to you why this vacuum stands apart from all the other shark vacuums. 

Let’s review the Shark NV356E and all the aspects of this priceless vacuum.


Top Pick

Shark NV356E

Lift Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This upright vacuum cleaner has a detachable pod that makes it easy to get at hard-to-reach spots. It also deep cleans carpets and tackles messes on the floor with powerful suction, so you’ll have less work in your home!

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The overall design of any vacuum is crucial in deciding its value. The shark NV356E S2 makes sure it is well equipped for an all-round cleaning. Starting from the dust cup, the NV356E has a massive capacity of 2.2 quarts. This is almost twice what you get from other shark vacuums. Shark upright vacuums are known for their lift-away design. And so is this specific vacuum. The lift-away technology makes cleaning easy and fun. With several tools for versatile cleaning, this upright vacuum cleaner is above all. A separate brush tool for pet hair will take care of all the mess your pet makes. 


Moreover, the ergonomic design of the hose on the handle offers smooth manoeuvrability. The shark navigator 356E weighs 18.6 pounds, with only 8 pounds when in handheld form. Although this is a bit heavier than the average upright vacuum, considering the features, it is justified. 


Lastly, the NV356E S2 has a HEPA filter that keeps all allergens miles away from you. If you happen to have allergies, this vacuum presents no threat to you. 



This is, with little doubt, the most important aspect of any vacuum. The core purpose of vacuum cleaners is to provide flawless cleaning. And without good performance capabilities, that are not possible. The Shark NV356E has a powerful cleaning performance. The powerful suction capacity and modern technology allow it to provide outstanding cleaning. With three cleaning modes for different surfaces, the NV356E is very versatile. It is not one of those vacuums that are too good on one surface and just mediocre on the other. 


This shark navigator is as efficient on hardwood floors as it is on rugs. The rotating brush is ideal for cleaning area rugs. Either dirt or pet dander, this vacuum will leave nothing behind. The powerful cleaning of this lift-away navigator is also excellent on stairs and upholsteries. 



Any vacuum can provide good value, but not all cost the same. An affordable product with good value is still better than a costly one with a great deal. Although it is potentially the best shark upright vacuum cleaner, the NV356E is still a mid-range vacuum. Selling at just $200 on Amazon, it is much cheaper than other upright vacuums. 


To answer, which is the best shark upright vacuum cleaner? We have one word, and that is the NV356E. All angles taken into account, this vacuum is just as great as an upright vacuum can get. However, it is still on you to choose the best option for considering your budget and cleaning requirements. But with an affordable price and superb functionality, our point of view is in favour of the Shark Navigator NV356E.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about your new Shark vacuum cleaner? Read below and find the answers to some of the most commonly asked ones.

Q. How does one clean the filter of a Shark vacuum?

A. It depends on the type. Some filters are disposable and should not be washed but instead replaced when they lose their effectiveness. In contrast, others can be carefully removed from your machine, noting that you must replace them to avoid damaging any parts. You’ll need some warm soapy water and hand wash these without being too zealous about it all lest you end up harming something important–once cleaned, rinse well before replacing each part into its rightful spot with care!

Q. How does one empty the garbage from the Shark vacuum?

A. Quick and easy, just follow these three steps to clean out your Shark vacuum. First off, make sure the power is turned off because you don’t want any accidents! Next up – remove the handle from at the top of where all that dust accumulates so it can be emptied into a trash tin or garbage pail (whichever). Finally, when finished, put everything back in place on one last check before turning it back on again for more vacuuming time.

Q. Replacing a power cord on your Shark vacuum?

The Shark vacuum is a favourite among customers who want their floors to stay spotless with minimal effort. To do this, you need the right parts and tools on hand so that once your current components start wearing out or breaking down, they can be replaced quickly without any trouble at all.

Replacing these pieces might seem like an easy task since everything should fit back together in its original position as seen when taking them apart— but if you don’t know what goes where then things will not go smoothly! Once broken down into sections, please note how each piece looks before removing anything from the vacuum head because putting it back together correctly requires sorting through which one belongs there first. It may sound tedious now but knowing exactly where everything belongs is essential.

In the following steps, we will demonstrate how to change out your vacuum’s power cord. First, loosen all screws on both ends of the old one and then disconnect it from its socket before unplugging it entirely so you can safely grab ahold of everything, including wires coming down from above, for easier access.

Now remove any fasteners holding in place plastic pieces that hold up or go overtop with small screws. However, if there are none already present at this point; some vacuums have these panels simply resting on top without anything else added onto them – just try opening those parts carefully first! Install the new wire cord in the same position the old one was to ensure a proper connection. Test for the functionality of Shark Vacuum after installation is complete.

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