Why Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Why Upright Vacuum Cleaners? You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Are you considering switching from a canister vacuum to an upright? Well, let us tell you, you are in no way alone. Since upright vacuums entered the market they have been taking customers in awe. The state-of-the-art designs and enhanced functionality of these vacuums continue to impress many. An ever-existing question we receive from readers is, why upright vacuum cleaners?

After all, the question has some gravity to it, for someone switching from a more conventional vacuum to an upright. Our brains require satisfactory logic and proof that we make the right decision. In the age of the internet where there is so much conflicting content, it is hard to find the logic and proofs. Today, this is precisely what we aim to do here. Providing you with genuine facts to answer the question of why upright vacuum cleaners?

Why Upright Vacuum Cleaners?

Let’s get one thing straight, Uprights are more cost-effective than Canister vacuums. They have the ability to deep clean carpets and most of them come with a bag so that you don’t make your home even dirtier by having it suck up all those nasty particles in the air! Besides these are easier to store because they stand up on their own!

Which is best for your household? Bagless vacuums can save you money because they don’t require replacement bags – but like bagged models, they have filters that need periodic cleaning or replacing.

Wide Cleaning Path

In this modern era, mundane tasks such as cleaning can take a lot of your precious time. Upright vacuums have a wide cleaning path compared to other vacuum cleaners. This saves up your time and makes cleaning easy.

Lightweight Design and Easy Maneuverability

Whatever aspect you admire of an upright vacuum this one remains unbeatable. These vacuums are in most cases half the weight of canister vacuums. A lightweight design goes way beyond just providing easy handling. Moreover, in terms of manoeuvrability, upright vacuum cleaners are flawless. The ergonomic handle doesn’t put a strain on your back even for prolonged cleaning. The one-pass technology now adopted by upright vacuums cuts back on vacuuming time picking up more dust.

Easy to Store

The compact and sleek design of upright vacuums adds up to make it possible a very easy to store cleaning machine. These vacuums have a relatively much smaller footprint than other vacuums. An upright design means that the vacuum almost takes no horizontal space. You can make the vacuum stand at any corner of your house. Unlike canister vacuum cleaners, they have no separate body parts.

Convenient Maintenance

Whenever you decide to buy a vacuum cleaner, the maintenance requirements are of crucial importance when deciding the best for yourself. Luckily upright vacuums are above average in this regard too. Cleaning and maintaining these vacuums are easier than you’d imagine. These vacuums demand either bagless or bagged designs, not when it comes to maintenance.

Superior Cleaning Performance

There is no debate regarding the superior cleaning performance of upright vacuums. For years the prevailing belief has been that the bigger the vacuum the more powerful suction and thus better cleaning. Upright vacuums straight out contradict that. With the use of cyclonic suction technology and efficient cleaning tools, they stand apart. Either pet hair or debris stuck in the carpet, upright vacuums are sturdy enough to get rid of it all.

HEPA Filtration

It is now almost a standard in upright vacuum cleaners to have HEPA filters. Outdated Vacuum cleaners have a major association with triggering allergies. HEPA filters make sure to trap 99.9% of allergens.


To conclude, of all the reasons why you should buy an upright vacuum this one is the most sensible. Even the slightly outdated canister vacuums in the market sell above $300. On the contrary, upright vacuums are available for as low as $90 in the market. With enhanced functionality and modern features, an upright vacuum is an obvious choice over others.


Bottom Line

So next time you are wondering why upright vacuum cleaners? Consider these factors. With multi-surface cleaning, easy manoeuvrability, and high-performance cleaning; upright vacuums are just the right option for you.


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