shark nv352 review

Shark NV352 Review – Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner under $200?

Searching for the best upright vacuum cleaner to buy under $200? The shark navigator NV352 lift-away is a 2-in-1 upright vacuum. This vacuum cleaner strikes precisely the right balance between power, design, and performance. However, the shark navigator lift-away vacuum cleaner provides massive value. It very well has a few shortcomings which we must acknowledge. With this Shark NV352 review, we hope to provide you with an unbiased critical analysis of this shark vacuum cleaner.

Tools Provided with the Shark NV352

shark nv352 review

This shark vacuum cleaner comes with these tools:

  •     Upholstery tool
  •     Dusting brush
  •     24-inch crevice tool
  •     5-inch crevice tool

Additionally, the vacuum cleaner comes with dedicated mounts for storing the crevice and brush tool. But, the pet upholstery and the 24-inch crevice tool have to be stored separately – as loose pieces.

As you’ll see shortly, these tools work efficiently to increase the overall functionality of the shark NV352 navigator vacuum cleaner.


With a 2-in-1 design providing interchangeable crevice tools, the shark navigator lift-away vacuum cleaner is a strong candidate in this price range if not the best. This feature allows for more versatile cleaning.

From cleaning floors, rugs, stairs to upholsteries this vacuum cleaner can do it all. Equipped with a bagless dust cup having a capacity of 1.2 dry quarts. Many users found the shark vacuum cleaners dust cup capacity is quite sufficient for daily use.

The shark navigator lift-away vacuum cleaner has a surprising light-weight design with a net weight of 14lbs. Furthermore, it is even lighter when used in handheld mode. The lightweight design of the navigator lift-away vacuum cleaner was only possible because of a plastic body.

If it were not to be a plastic design the shark NV352 upright vacuum could have been a lot sturdier. But using other materials would result in a more bulky end product not convenient for regular use.

This means, unlike other bulky upright vacuum cleaners this device will not cause strains in your hand on prolonged use. The compact design provides greater functionality and reduces the overall footprint of the shark navigator lift away NV352.

An upright vacuum that takes little space but gets the job done. It is highly likely that the shark NV352 upright vacuum can be just the ideal option for you.

Additionally, with the swivel steering, it gets easy to maneuver the Shark navigator lift away NV352 around obstacles. Smooth steering is a much-needed feature in any upright vacuum cleaner which the shark navigator provides quite decently.

The shark navigator upright vacuum has a 25 feet power cord, whereas other vacuums provide up to a 30 feet cord mostly. The 25 feet cord was reported being insufficient by many users.

Consequently, many users claimed to face difficulty vacuuming in larger rooms and hallways due to a shorter range. But using the included 24-inch crevice tool you can easily increase the overall range of the vacuum, right?


We can safely say that this shark upright vacuum cleaner provides the most value in terms of its performance. With an impressive suction capacity, this vacuum is well-equipped to perform top quality cleaning. The suction power of shark navigator NV352 is just incredible if not the best.

The powerful pull of the navigator lift-away makes it stand out among other vacuum cleaners when it comes to cleaning. Using advanced cyclonic technology it is capable of separating dirt and air preventing its filter from getting clogged. This ensures that the suction power doesn’t falter over time.

Having a wide range of cleaning features the Shark NV352 is just as efficient on area rugs as it is on hardwood floors. The crevice tools are quite useful for cleaning the hard-to-reach areas around your furniture.

Nevertheless, the focus of criticism became the motorized motor by a few users. As it further scatters debris when used on a bare floor. Also, using the motorized motor mode on a bare floor can result in scratches. But in the defense of shark, we can avoid the problem by switching off the motorized motor.

This shark vacuum holds its true value in being so versatile. The 5-inch and 24-inch crevice tool makes cleaning tops of door frames and narrow pockets of dirt under the furniture quite effortless. Compatible for most surfaces and positions it is quite literally the best vacuum cleaner in this price range.

Furthermore, the shark navigator lift-away provides even more value if you have pets at home. Annoyed with your pets loitering around the house shedding away their fur? Removing pet hair from your carpet or couch can be a frustrating experience.

With the shark navigator lift-away, you need not worry about your pet continually shedding their fur.

Most pet owners marveled over the impressive capacity of the shark NV352 for removing pet hair from floor rugs.

Unlike most other cleaners, the shark navigator NV352 does not damage the carpet. The included pet hair brush tool will allow you to get rid of pet furs from carpeted stairs as well.

So now you can say bye-bye to pet hair forever.

Also, the shark vacuum consists of anti-allergy complete seal technology. This ensures that it traps 99.9% of the dust particles and allergens without polluting the air you breathe.


If the tiresome process of cleaning the vacuum cleaners HEPA filter frustrates you..Well with the shark navigator lift-away NV352 you can take a sigh of relief!

The vacuum consists of two filters that require cleaning periodically. Containing a washable foam filter and a HEPA filter which can also be washed but only with running water.

Shark recommends to clean the dust cup after every use. This might sound too demanding to keep up with. But your doubts won’t stand a chance when you see how easy and simple it is to empty the dirt cup.

Moreover, unlike the dust cup, the filters require cleaning every 3 months on average usage. The plastic design of the vacuum relieves you from worrying about rusting or decolorization of the body.

Exempting you from stressing about performing tedious maintenance of several components. The shark NV352 demands the least input from you concerning its maintenance.

All in all, the overall maintenance of the shark navigator lift-away NV352 is quite literally a piece of cake.


A truly exceptional feature offered by the shark navigator is the extended warranty of 5 years. On the contrary, most other vacuum cleaner brands provide a warranty of up to 3 years at max.

Such an extended warranty can serve you well where the company promises to repair or replace any fault in the machine.

All the complaints we saw among the consumer reviews were minor issues concerning the motor and parts of the vacuum. The warranty provided by the company will help you cover the repair of the vacuum.

In simple terms, the extended warranty relieves you from stressing over anything catastrophic happening, for at least 5 years if not forever.

Price Concerning the Value Provided by Shark NV352

  • Great for Removing Long Hair & Pet Hair 

  • Anti Allergen Seal Technology 

  • Can be Converted into a Handheld 

Considering the value to price ratio the shark navigator lift-away provides a fair deal. With a retail price of about $140, this vacuum cleaner stands unchallenged. What more can you ask from a cleaner in this price range?

The shark NV352 with its lightweight design, powerful performance, and compatibility for various surfaces is the best you can get.

Consumer reviews indicate that the shark navigator is just more phenomenal on carpets than any other surface. If you happen to have a lot of rugs on your real estate then there is massive value for you in this shark product.

Moreover, many vacuum cleaners restrict their functionality and are only compatible with a few surfaces. But the lift-away NV352 with the 2-in-1 design capable of powerful cleaning of floors, upholsteries, pet hair, and stairs provides huge utility.


How Shark NV352 Navigator Stacks Up Against the Competition

As stated above, the shark navigator lift-away offers great value in its price range. But still, it is not unchallenged and in fact compromises on many features due to its low price point.

Although the Shark NV352 provides decent features for everyday use, it still lacks some features that are available in some of the more expensive vacuums.

Most vacuum cleaners like ZU62 and ZU561 having Zero M-technology are a step ahead of the shark navigator. Nevertheless, the shark navigator still presents a great deal at just $140 offering versatility and all-around functionality.

Key Features to Remember

The shark navigator lift-away is a great product all because of the outstanding features it offers.

We have listed some of the most consumer favorite features of this cleaner. If you are in search of a mid-range upright vacuum cleaner check out these features provided by shark navigator lift-away NV352.

Lift-away Design

At just the push of a single button, we can remove the canister from the stand with the motorized head. This allows you to clean the neglected spaces in your house.

If you are someone who wishes to keep every corner of your house cleansed, this just the feature to consider.

Swivel Steering

The swivel steering allows greater maneuverability relieving you from the hassles of realigning your vacuum cleaner’s head every other minute. With the swivel steering, it can rotate the handle while moving the vacuum cleaner in any direction. If you have a lot of furniture at your place you will marvel at the mobile steering of shark NV352.

Dynamic Motor

The powerful motor at the core of this vacuum is what makes it such a balanced cleaner. With a dynamic power motor of 1200watts, it provides immense suction power.

This power rating makes it such a good cleaner of pet hair from upholsteries and carpets.

Anti-allergen Seal

The complete seal technology of the shark navigator ensures that it does not release the dust particles back into the air.

It also contains a dedicated HEPA filter which guarantees to trap 99.9% of dirt and allergen particles from the environment. T

Tthis is an invaluable feature for allergy sufferers, as you won’t have to worry about triggering your allergy while cleaning.

What Do the Consumers Say about Shark NV352?

Well, commonly when we come down to the consumer reviews that is where you get the most forthright and unambiguous opinions. But to our surprise, the shark navigator NV352 nails this domain as well.

Amazon refers to the shark lift-away NV352 as an Amazon Choice Product out of other upright shark cleaners.

With over 17245 ratings it stands at an impressive 4.6 stars out of 5 at the time of writing this article.

About 77% of the consumers have given 5 stars to the Shark NV352. The vacuum satisfies most consumers with its features and functionality. The compact design, smooth maneuverability, and powerful performance of the shark navigator were most cherished by the consumers.

Furthermore, we saw some contented pet owners in the review section. Consumers appreciated the capacity of the shark navigator upright vacuum to clean pet hair and fur from different surfaces. Nevertheless, it also dissatisfies a few consumers with the pet hair getting twisted around the rolling brush.

To be fair to the discussion we also noticed a few angry consumers rating the product much lower. We closely analyzed the handful of these reviews. All in all these faults were mostly due to irregular handling and rough use.

If these reviews put you in doubt to buy this product, remember the 5-year warranty is more than enough. In some cases, people acknowledged how the company helps repair even in replacing faulty parts.

All things considered, the positive ratings overwhelmed the negative ones. This tells a lot about the value and ease provided by the shark navigator lift-away vacuum cleaner.


  •    2-in-1 design allows more functionality as an upright vacuum.
  •    Lightweight and non-bulky design; easy to handle and carry on stairs.
  •    Variable suction power; adjustable power settings for safe cleaning on different surfaces.
  •    Affordable; the shark navigator offers unchallenged value for under $200.
  •    Great for cleaning pet hair from rugs and upholsteries.
  •    Essential accessory tools included; a brush tool, pet hair power brush, 5-inch, and 24-inch crevice tools.



  •     the vacuum cleaner got overheated on prolonged use.
  •     the length of the power cord is not sufficient compared to its competitors.
  •     Not stable with the dirt cup filled.
  •     Hair can get twisted around the rolling brush.

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Is the Shark navigator lift-away NV352 a good choice or not?

  • Great for Removing Long Hair & Pet Hair 

  • Anti Allergen Seal Technology 

  • Can be Converted into a Handheld 

After all that we have discussed above in this Shark NV352 review, it is not difficult to answer this question. The shark navigator lift-away NV352 is the ideal option for anyone who prioritizes cleaning and comfort. Also if cleaning pet hair us a problem at your home.

From the lightweight design to powerful suction capabilities, this lift-away upright vacuum aces on all fronts. Shark lift-away NV352 is a good choice for anyone if not the best.

If you still happen to have doubts concerning the value this product provides, look up the reviews of the product on Amazon. The majority of 5-star rated reviews are a testimony of the integrity of this cleaner.

Shark NV352 review – The Final Verdict

Considering all odds the shark NV352 navigator lift away upright vacuum is an ideal candidate for basic cleaning of all kinds of surfaces. Not very often you come across a product that balances all the aspects. The shark navigator NV352 is a good vacuum cleaner in the market. Whether you are a homeowner or a housewife, with the shark navigator keeping your house clean won’t be a struggle at all.

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